Conditional Design


adjective1 the supporters’ approval is conditional on success: subject to, dependent on, depending on, contingent on, hingeing on, resting on, hanging on, based on, determined by, controlled by, tied to, bound up with. ANTONYMS  unconditional2 he was only made a conditional offer of a university place: contingent, dependent, qualified, with conditions (attached), with reservations, limited, restrictive, provisional; rare stipulatory, provisory. ANTONYMS  unconditional; absolute


noun1 an architect submitted a design for the offices: plan, blueprint, drawing, scale drawing, sketch, outline, map, plot, diagram, delineation, draft, depiction, representation, artist’s impression, scheme, model, prototype, proposal.2 tableware with a sophisticated black and gold design: pattern, motif, device; style, arrangement, composition, makeup, layout, constitution, configuration, organization, construction, shape, form, formation, figure.3 he was determined to carry out his design of reaching the top: intention, aim, purpose, plan, intent, objective, object, goal, end, target, point, hope, desire, wish, dream, aspiration, ambition, idea.

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